Nepal Children's Art Museum

I chose this one because I like the colors and this could've been a mother, a family member, a friend, that was close to this artist. I also like the different culture tied into the piece of art.
I like this one because of the animals. Maybe the artist liked these animals, or hated them. What would they symbolize?
This one is called Peace. I liked this one because even though we don't know what the words on the wall mean, they could be inspirational, or have a message.
I liked this one because maybe this is where the artist is from. I liked the colors and the homes.
The title of this one is Darchula. Darchula is a place, so maybe the tiger is representing where the artist is from and maybe the tiger means something.
Dharahara is the name of a tower, so maybe the artist wanted to capture the theme of a tower, and allow people to "go into it."
I loved the color in this one and how big it is. It deeps the eye looking and that's always good for a piece of art to have.
I liked how this piece of art lead up to a tree. When I think of a tree I think of new life and growing. Maybe that's what the artist wanted for him/her, is peace.
I loved the tiger and the detail that went into it. It looks real and keeps the eye moving.
I loved the idea of words on each step because, once again, even though we can't understand the writing, it may be there to inspire them and encourage them.
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