The eyes of mind set

This gallery is dedicated to the works of of artists who used the method of perspective and view (hence,Eyes of Mind Set) in order to see things which may appear differently, depending on the person.  

What I like about this painting is the amount of detail there is into it. When a person looks at the background, it's as if they were going into different worlds for each painting.
This art work can be viewed in two ways. The first one is that you fell into a hole, a down feeling. The second is that you found a way out.
The shininess and skyline adds a great touch of reflection like feeling, while the building in the middle is a representation of having the ability to choose either road.
I chose this art work because from my perspective, it shows the idea of life and death.
The art work Solar Eclipse looks like a planet (ours) disintegrating (due to humanity's evil) inside a so called prison.
I added Road because it perfectly fits into my gallery, as a matter of perspective, and looking into different roads, one can choose either and imagine a final destination possibility for each.
I like Pine1 because the trees, connecting into what looks like a planet, can be seen as a way of representing unity and a formation of life's core.
When I look at this work, I can tell that the artist probably tried to represent the cyan colored dot as a way to tell us that it is different than the rest, just as how some humans can be unique.
Credits: All media
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