Color Schemes

These are works of art that have a certain types of colors used. -Annie Davis.

This piece is mostly blues or greys which sets a sort of calm tone to the painting. Other colors are blended but the blues are what is popping out.
The reds, blacks and whites in this piece show the tone of anger. The scheme is very dark.
The blues, whites and blacks set the tone of depression in this piece. Nothing is completely white or completely black, everything is tinted or shaded with blue in it.
The color scheme used in this is warm colors. They set a happy tone or excited.
The colors used in this piece are all cool colors. The mood is calm or not too crazy.
This piece uses the complementary colors of green and red, and also black and white.
This piece uses dark colors, but all of the primary colors are used.
These colors are cool colors which set a relaxing or tired tone.
All the primary colors are used in this piece, but it focuses on the yellow. The yellow sets an excited or happy tone in this piece.
The color scheme in this piece is mostly pinks, but a lot of bright colors. The bright colors set a happy mood in the peice.
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