a retrospective

The painting demonstrates rare feminist themes from a time when women seldom held jobs, let alone were well known for them. Gentileschi’s portrayal of herself as the epitome of the arts was a bold statement to make for the period.
"Performance combined with installation becomes theatrical. Also, public art creates an interconnectedness between art and humanity. I transform materials and in turn viewers are transformed."
Perhaps the most eager self-portraitist of the oil painting medium was Rembrandt who made over 90 works of his likeness. Seen here is the standard #selfie method of "canned laughter" in order to produce an emotive image.
A possible metaphor for the struggle of Nature vs. Modernity--the only place that humans can truly engage with nature is in a pseudo-organic environment where the animals are behind bars. Presumably, Hayez would've captioned this "look at these chill-ass cats [tiger emoji]".
Everyone knows a nerd. If you don't, please consider allowing Chardin to be that nerd. Imagine him putting on this visor everyday for about a year and staring at himself in a mirror--never once thinking, "Does this look bad on me?"
A feat of advancing technology alternately titled "#ootd".
#selfie tip no.5 Try new filters.
#selfie tip no.4 It's okay to spam the 'Gram if you're feeling cute.
#selfie tip no.3 Don't be afraid of trying new makeup techniques.
#selfie tip no.1 Know your angles.
#selfie tip no.2 Have good lighting. Natural is best.
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