The Color of Nature

I chose to explore the colors in paintings that feature nature as their theme, because to bring out the beauty that nature has, the artists have to use the right colors to portray it brilliantly. On top of that, with the right combinations of color, they could bring out the atmosphere in nature to life from the painting. - Ho Hang Michael Wong

This painting depicts a pot of flower. The arrange of different flowers with different color has complimented each other, as to created harmony among the flower, despite the differences in species.
This painting depicts activities in the waterfront. The colors in the background, blue fading into orange, have helped to created a harmonic atmosphere that a sunset would have from the painting.
The painting depicts a basket of flowers and some food. The plants and food blended well together, showing the relationship between them in nature, despite the dim lighting within the painting.
This painting depicts an eagle standing on a mountain range. The artist clearly shows the natural state of the eagle in its habitat with different shades of black, despite only using black ink.
This painting depicts a Hollyhocks. With the help of different shades of green surrounding the flower, the method the flower was painted, shows the liveliness that the flower possess in nature.
This painting depicts a mountain valley. The orange color from the grassland has become the focus, comparing to the green color in the surrounding. Further showing the natural beauty of autumn
This painting depicts river. The green and yellow color in the plants surrounding the river reflect the state that nature is in. Yet still be able to remain in harmony with the grey from the building.
This artwork depicts a mountain forest. With different shades of green, different layers are created among the mountains and trees.Thus, increasing the level of mystery that the nature could offer.
This artwork depicts islands in a lake. With the simple choice in art style and color, it helps to portray the simplicity of nature and the harmony between human and nature.
This painting depicts a country road. With the help of leafless trees the brown and shady color that the painting has shown the withering state of nature, in contrast with lively state during spring.
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