The Portrayal of Jesus Christ

How does society depict Jesus Christ as they become more modern? More times than not Jesus becomes more lively in his portrayal as time progress. This seems odd as society as a whole seems to not be looking at the church for all of their answers. Jesus tends to have a more humanly appearance and his features become softer as times continue on. In early years Jesus looks weak and fragile, He does not look like a savior but only a lonely civilian. The newer images give Christ a more formed figure that a leader would have, possibly showing that we need a leader. The amount of people that are portrayed with Jesus as well changes, however there does not seem to be a correlation with the time of the art. Western Art develops into self portrayal in the modern era, and fades from that of the church. It seems that even the religious paintings in the 1800's is portraying what the artist himself needs from God.

This Portrays Jesus as a higher power as He is presented with a kiss. The artist shows Jesus as a man of power and of fear. This is seen as a man is trying to kill Jesus.
This painting portrays Jesus as almost a royal figure. He has a dove flying above his head and a angel at His side. This relates to western ideals because religion was used to understand the world.
This painting portrays Jesus as hurt. He is banished from the world that He came down to save, allowing the viewer to pity Him. Religion was still used to base ideals off of.
Jesus is young and preaching, teaching the word of God. Others humble themselves, and listen to His teaching. This happened after Martin Luther challenged the Popes authority.
Jesus is seen feeding the hungry as an infant. He is looked at as someone with great virtues and perfect charity. He is also portrayed in a more humanistic way. Jesus has a more lively representation.
Christ is being baptized and shows humility in this picture. He is not portrayed in a way that shows his leadership in society which correlates to the idea that people are not as dependent on the Church for guidance in reasoning.
The tie to religion is fading away in the modern era as art is more for personal expression rather than ideals of the church. This makes this painting a controversy, but is related to the idea that Jesus is tied up in the picture. Much as he is tied down from society.
Jesus is walking down to the realm of the Dead and a symbol to save them. This leads back to the idea that mankind needs saved once more as art is being used for individual portrayal rather than religious. Jesus is glorified in this picture.
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