Boundless Persepctive

Captivating street art that is redefining the audience's perception of what is to be considered art.

This piece to me represents the danger found in love and beauty.
This may simply be a shark on a concrete pillar. However the detail and depth brings the reality of the ocean to the inner city.
This may simply be a painting done on a street wall but with that being said the wall it adds a sense of permanent entrapment.
Simple yet shocking. It makes use of ordinary objects displaying odd behavior
Simple yet brings beauty to ordinary objects.
This piece draws about the need to discover the meaning.
Familiarity with purpose. This work uses the medium on which it is painted to emphasize the text with a pun.
This piece utilizes pole and line to create a scene o connected with it's surroundings.
This pieces comes with such size and detail. The surrounding treat almost create a sense of naturalism in the unnatural habitat.
A challenging perspective on the consideration of art.
This little boy scaled larger then life gives light to the natural of a child and the inner city
Hyper focus on the beauty show by a brightening pink.
Gorgeous surrealism.
Eye popping and attention grabbing.
Guys stepping onto the step from the wall. Crossing the threshhold of what is real on not.
Credits: All media
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