Caleb's Breath taking sculptures clare 209 sum 1 

A few amazing sculptures, from modern day dating back to the early 1500's each sculpture has something meaningful and interesting behind it! 

This sculpture seems simple and boring to the naked eye, but actually has a very powerful narritive, Jeff Koons, the maker of the sculpture explained that the air in a basketball always allows the ball to stay afloat at least 50% of it, no matter what the circumstances of the room may be, what vibrations may be felt it will always remain the same. And that is one really beautiful, chaotic, aspect of the tank
The sculpture of Ugolino and his sons is a depection of Ugolino fighting the temptations of devouring his own offspring as they were given a life sentence of death and were being starved in the process. The complexity of the sculpture and the intense details speaks to how talented these artists were at a very early time period.
I chose the death of Abel because it is a physical depiction of the story that we have been told so many times, time and time again. Des Forts does an amazing job of capturing the slain man and depicting in detail the human body in a dead state.
This sculpture has a narrative of the struggle of juggling everyday life and its activities. The strong "S" curve in the statues back indicates the physical struggle of a man trying to juggle many objects back and fourth. I also find it interesting that De Vries was able to depict this at such an early time period.
This was one of my favorite sculptures because it is a position in which i was very familiar with as a child! The narrative of this piece is also interesting because Kippenberger was known to be a man who was often acting up, in his art and his everyday life, so in a sense some might say that this is his form of self discipline for his behavior.
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