Traditional Japan Reborn 

One of my absolute favorite paintings has always been traditional Japanese paintings! In this gallery your going to see some of my favorites that reflect how different of a time it was. The paintings I chose show what the world looked like in that current time in the best way. Artwork that can make you feel the wind on your face or feel the summer glow all while in Traditional japan. Enjoy!

This is a good one to show how minimalistic and beautiful some of this art can be, What you see here is a simple mountain range painted in japan around the 19th century.
This is one of my favorites, what I like the most is the fog between the painting and how much it makes the painting feel alive. What you see here is a Pair of foxes playing on a misty morning.
A simple painting of birds on a clothing line. My favorite aspect is how minimalistic it all is however the red so delicately fits in.
A portrait of a Japanese man painted in 1915. I adore the lighting and face work on this. Its so good it feels like something done recently.
A landscape painting of a small village on a pond in japan. My favorite aspect in this is how alive the wind feels. You can almost feel the wind on your face,
My favorite painting in the gallery! What you have here is a lake with a tree line and what looks like 2 people walking to the lake. The deep gorgeous colors of the tree line are what sold me on this.
A lone figure on the upper part of a hill in the glowing night. Being made in 1914 I adore the deep blue and black the mood it creates is fantastic.
A simple landscape painting of a Japanese marsh. My favorite part is how nearly hand like the plants looks! it adds a very ominous mood and is kind of daunting.
A nice painting done with many different colors of a black outlined moth. The color choice chosen in this is beautiful and blends so well to add a great piece for being from 1923.
Last but not least a painting of a beautiful clear sky sunny day for a Japanese village. I love how alive this feels and you can feel the culture so so well.
Credits: All media
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