The ocean front - Joshua Reichert

This gallery is dedicated to displaying high quality artworks that have been created to depict intense situations and scenes in nature. These oil paintings are either displaying emotion through abstract representation or through more realistic scenes. All these paintings have been created with oil paints. 

Claude Monet got the inspiration to draw this magnificent painting when he was on vacation off the coast of Brittany. This painting depicts the dark sea beating against the giant rocks along the shoreline as the sun sets. This artwork takes advantage of using lines in a jagged way to create crisp and sharp boundaries for the rocks and using melting, soothing colors for the water and sky. The overall tone is very pleasant.
This painting is one of my favorite pieces of art. Not for the beautiful paint job but for the deep meaning behind it. The chair represents daily life’s, monotonous activity and the boulder represents our dreams, aspirations, and the universe behind what we know as reality. These two meeting is a representation that there is something beyond what we know as reality. Contrast and smooth lines are used in this oil painting very well. The lines create a sense of realism why the contrast allows for distinction between the background and foreground.
This painting is depicting balance and tension. This seesaw shaped steel beam is perfectly balanced on a rock for no apparent reason, just balancing, waiting to be disturbed so it may fall out of sync. This painting uses deep colors to convey the deep blues and emotion of the ocean. Contrast is used very well to distinguish the caps of the waves to the body of the ocean. Symmetry is also used yet giving it another point of balane.
William Chase used his location of being close to the ocean to his advantage. He would sit and draw the inlets and bays from his porch; practicing his technique while also broadening his creativity. This painting is a depiction of the easy life and tranquility of the ocean side. There is grass, his family, and great rolling shore lines in the distance. This painting utilizes color contrast and also proportions. The shore line seems to go on for miles. The clouds even take on it’s their own eerie but yet happy feel.
This painting is depicting a storm on the shore of the seaside resort étretat. This landmark is well known as a place for artistic advances, amazing activities and also its leisure. This painting does very well at showing motion. This painting shows a storm and I can clearly tell that this is what’s happening. It also gives a good sense of space because the foreground is easily distinguished from the background. The mountains seem colossal and the people seem tiny.
This seascape is perfectly designed to capture what the ocean meant to Gustave. The ocean was relentless, mean, beautiful, tame, and wild. This as painting in 1869 after Gustave had spent countless years out at sea traveling the big blue. You can see the storm clouds coming in from the north on this painting and this creates an awesome illusion of motion and activity. I enjoy the contrast in this painting as it creates good depth between the sky, clouds, sea and boats.
This was Bunny;s first piece of art work to get honorable recognition. This painting depicts a sea where Tritons, or people that used to roam the earth and were able to swim and walk on land, gather around the shoreline and welcome their friends. It displays affection and sympathy in a mythological and abstract way, which is what held Bunny so high above other Australian artists of the time. It uses space and motion to give the wave motion and also uses color to show deeper and less deep parts of the ocean. The sky seems to be almost a nostalgic pink that may or may not have more symbolic meaning.
John Brett painting this spectacular piece of art in 1882 while in Putney. This painting depicts a calm day on the beach while the towering mountains willow in the background. The water is crashing up against the water locked boulders almost creating a pure sense of tension or anxiety. The coloring of this painting gives it a very calm and relaxing feeling, almost too happy. It makes me think about the days where I didn’t have to worry about life.
Paul Signac brought almost a new entire style to Paris. This style infused great colors and odd forms of painting. This painting depicts St. Briacs coastline. This painting is set in the midst of the day, when the sun is beating the river intensely, giving the water an extremely vivid blue appearance. This painting utilizes colors and lines to give it a robust but smooth look. The smudged paint makes the borders seem very smooth and almost non-existent. This painting melts into the colors and that makes it great.
Credits: All media
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