7th grade research (Anna ancher)

         Anna Ancher was born on August 18, 1859 in Skagen Denmark and died on April 15, 1935 in the same place at age 75 .  Her parents were Erik Anderson Brondum and Ane Hedvig Moller.  Anna’s maiden name is Anna Kirstine Brondum.  Because of the beautiful setting of Denmark, Anna was able to develop an early love of painting and artistry.  She went to school at VilhelmKyhn College of Painting in Copenhagen in which she developed a style of her own.  Anna mostly did paintings of Skagen alongside her husband, Michael Ancher and they were part of a group called the Skagen Painters, who captured Skagen’s beauty in paintings.  Her paintings not only included the town of Skagen, but she mostly focused on other people’s lives and painted them doing daily things.  Anna was also the only woman painter of the painting group so she stood out and depicted the lives of other woman like no other.  Most of her paintings included woman doing daily chores around the house or just sitting and reading a book.  Many of her paintings are featured in her house as a child that her family purchased in 1884 called the Saxlid.  Anna also received many awards one being the ‘Ingenio et Arti’ medal in 1913.  She also received the ‘Tagea Brandt Rejselegat’, a travel scholarship in 1924.  Many of her other contributions came after her death.  One of the reasons why i chose Anna Ancher for my artist was because her work really interested me, with the detail and colors included.  One of my favorite paintings by her was, ‘Sunlight in the Blue Room’, because I love the detail incorporated in it and the way the sun reflects into the room.  Anna Ancher is one of best all time Danish artists and one of the most accomplished painters.  Anna Ancher is a truly amazing artist and one whose work will forever be remembered.

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