William Gilbert

Color Schemes

The color scheme in this is monocramatic. This can be identified by the different shades of red and the dark colours around it. This creates a tone of peace, or warm days.
The main scheme in this is monocramatic. It is identified by the white and black, the shades. This creates a dark tone with a sense of sadness or depression.
The main color scheme in this is analagous. This can be identified from the greens, blues and blue greens. This creates a sense of peace.
The color scheme in this artwork is warm colors. This is identified by the reds, oranges and yellows. This creates a tone of happiness and serenity.
The scheme is cool colors. What makes this scheme is the blue, green and bits of purple. The mood that is created here is a sad, lonely kind of feeling.
Monocramatic is the color scheme and the colors that create that are the whites, grays and blacks. This scheme creates a tone of mellowness and maybe even a little depression.
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