Value : Element of art gallery

This gallery consists of pieces of art that show the Element of Art, Value.

This piece uses all the colors of the value scale from white in the landscape, grey in the dunes, black in the sky and ruins, and the different types of value in between.
This painting shows a great example of high contrast because it doesn't use a broad range of the value scale. This uses only black and white on the character, the object in the air and the background.
This painting shows low contrast from how the colors are between black and white, and also how it gives a feel of being faded.
This painting is a good example of unbalanced value distribution because of how it is mostly composed of black which gives it a dull, gloomy feel, rather than what a white one would give.
This painting shows balanced value distribution because the black and white don't overpower each other. The white from the man's clothing is just enough to even out the black in the background.
This painting uses volumetric value because the apple, a two-dimensional shape, appears to be a three-dimensional because it uses different values.
This piece uses attached shadow. The wine glass in particular because it gives of the reflection of the light as well as the dishes surrounding the wine glass.
This painting is a good example of cast shadow since everything is three-dimensional such as the tree and statue, one can tell the sunlight is coming from the top-left.
This painting uses atmospheric perspective because the lines that are used in the foreground are crisp and sharp. The lines in the background are blurry or fuzzy, they aren't very crisp.
This painting shows chiaroscuro from the dark background which increases contrast, the primary source of light in the painting creates space, and because the painting as a whole has a dramatic feel.
Credits: All media
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