Flying Free

This exhibition is all about bird. I really like how beautiful birds are and how free they are able to be. There are many different interpretations of birds and how each and every person sees them. Not only can birds be seen differently, but they can be represented differently. In this exhibition, you will be able to see how different artists show their interpretation of birds and how each of them sees something different. These artworks are from around the world, some are from China and and Japan. There are also many different types of artworks. You will see paintings, photos and sculptures of birds. As well as this, the artists have used different mediums, from glass and metals to oil and paint of canvas. Each of these 15 artworks has a different meaning to different people. To you it may mean one thing but to another, it may mean something completely different. I chose this them because I wanted to see how different each of the artworks were and how the same theme can be shown differently. I chose artworks with a variety of mediums for this gallery, so that it wasn't too boring seeing the same type of artwork. Also by having different types of artworks, you can see how the artists have made the artwork in their vision and perspective. Some of the artworks are similar and some are different, some actually look like birds and some don't. It is in these differences that galleries like this are made up and different from one another.

This artwork characterises in the cultural frame. The artwork is made to look like a more traditional Asian artworks. Having the Chinese looking writing on the painting shows traditional culture.
This artwork characterises in the structural frame. Some techniques used are graffiti and painting. The artist uses bright colours so that the artwork stands out to it's surroundings.
This artwork chracterises in the subjective frame. This artwork shows how birds are able to fly free and be solo. The birds don't have many obstacles in the way of their freedom.
This artwork characterises in the post modern frame. It is appropriate for this theme. It is partially a parody because birds don't actually look like this. This can show bad taste but kind of cool.
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