Music Instrument Features

My gallery includes actual instruments and paintings that includes instruments. Music instruments today are important as is yesterdays instruments. 

This artwork shows a woman playing a sistrum which was an instrument played during dances or religious ceremonies. In order to use this instrument movement of the arm and wrist must occur.
The trumpet is made of bones that were joined together and finished with a gold wrap. The texture of the gold wrap present a solid figure. Without the wrap the bones would not be as attractive.
This horn most likely came from cattle. Although the horns or tusk were instruments, most were used as a signaling devices unlike other handmade instruments.
The shades of blue connects with the boy facial expression. He appears to be feeling blue or sad. Him being alone with his instrument paints a sad/emotional picture.
The harpsichord is an instrument played similarly to a keyboard. If you notice the artwork on the hood there are children dancing. The children are dancing and moving to the sound of this instrument.
Bag player sit and plays his instrument. The background and the shades of brown forces the man to the front of the painting in which he appear as a 3D form.
Thought to be Sir William Waldegrave, he's playing the guitar for his wife and niece. Space was used in this painting. The dog is sits away from the owners and you have a slight view of the balcony.
Painting show Frederick the Great performing a concert. Emphasis was placed on Frederick. Majority of the painting has lesser lighting. The light from the chandelier showed Frederick's importance.
This artwork shows 6 couples dancing to the tune of a accordion. They appear to be going in a circle giving this artwork a rhythmic feel.
Benny Goodman known as the "king of swing' desegregated jazz. The painting is slight center to the left; asymmetrical balance. Emphasis was placed n the hands and face.
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