Greek Mythology inspired art

This is a two handed vase from around 540 B.C. The battle depicted is between Hercules and Busiris king of Egypt. This is a story can be related to greek mythology because Busiris was sacrificing people to Zeus and Hercules would not have it.
This is a statue of Zeus sitting atop his throne on mount olympus. Originally this statue had a scepter and a thunderbolt but they were lost throughout time. This is a special piece due to its majesty in portraying the God of Lighting.
This piece is a carved artist interpretation of the god hermes. Hermes is the god commerce in greek mythology, and was said to be the delivery boy of the gods. This artist carved their interpretation of the deity in marble and made the long beard the base.
This relief piece of work portrays the greek goddess Athena. She is leaning on her spear, as if in regret of something. This was supposed to portray a more warrior Athena. This Athena was more war oriented and is shown as such.
This is quite a interesting and explicit piece of work featuring greek myth hero Hercules. Hercules had some misadventures with Omphale which is what is depicted in this painting. Omphale is left in misfortune as trickery made him the end of a bad joke. This piece is very ornate and meant to be an erotic piece.
This privately owned piece is a depiction of the greek hero Hercules. In this painting he is depicted attempting to slay a hydra. Which if myths stay true he most likely vanquished it. This piece was lost in World War 2 an then recovered and restored to what we now have today.
This two handled vase from Greece depicts two great greek heroes. On one side Hercules fighting a centaur and on the other we see Theseus fighting as well. This was to show victory over barbarians in this time. Greek Mythology has had many worthy heroes to inspire their people for generations.
This small statue depicts Odysseus hiding under a goat. Many people wont recognize this as such, but it is said to be true. This shows Odysseus hiding under the belly of a goat to hide from a cyclops who intended to eat him. This was great greek epic, and it inspired many beautiful pieces of artwork.
This tapestry is another piece of work inspired by the epic the Odyessy. This shows Odysseus leaving the people called the Phaeacians and telling them goodbye. He then leaves to journey and create more of the epic story we now know.
This vase is depicts the story of Odyesseus fighting an evil foe. The front of the vase shows Odysseus brutally slicing through a warriors throat. An the other side shows Diomedes killing the king of Thracians like in the story. Greek myths have lots of violence , and it is depicted throughout many of their art venues.
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