This photo is taken before the war started and shows the police that operated during this time period. They took various possessions of the Jews, especially when they were moved to the ghettos.
The Nazi Party was in power before World War 2 in Germany. They prohibited books that went against their beliefs and views. This source shows one of the many book burnings that happened.
Adolf Hitler was a very confident and charismatic leader and public speaker. He promised to the Germans that he would return Germany to her former glory. Here is a photo showing the crowd saluting.
HItler is walking amongst his soldiers, showing off the strength of the German army. This source shows how much power Hitler had at that time.
Support for the Nazi Party was so strong that it held power in Germany until the war ended. The well known symbol of the Nazi Party was a symbol of nationalistic pride to Germany at the time.
Fighting against Hitler and the Axis Powers was the Allied Forces. Propaganda was a government tool used by both sides to keep alive public anger at the enemy. They usually came in forms of posters.
An example of a German propaganda poster. This particular one, praises Hitler and Germany. Saying that both are glorious and will win the war.
A photo taken by the Nazi Party to document their actions and crimes. This is just a snippet of the destruction they caused in another country they had invaded.
The Jews were blamed for the defeat of Germany in the first World War as a result they were discluded from society. When things came to worst, they were deported to labour camps where they were gassed
If the Jews weren't sent to concentration camps, they were banned from public parks, swimming pools, cinemas and public areas. There were signs put up saying that Jews weren't allowed to live even.
An effect of war is the many lives lost to it. An American soldier who died fighting for his country isn't brought back to his home country but is left in the sand to be eventually buried.
Many survivors of the concentration camps were the sole survivor of their families or village. This blind man in the source cannot see the destruction around him but can feel death around him.
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