Treaty of versailles 

The treaty of Versailles was a treaty toward the end of World War I that  ended the state of the war between the Allied powers and Germany.

Women being escorted in Versailles, France, the day of the signing of the treaty
Georges Clemenceau, French Premier, arriving to the scene at Versailles on July 19, 1919
The 'big four' were Emanuele Orlando (Italy), Woodrow Wilson (USA), Georges Clemenceau (France), and David Lloyd George (Great Britain); who are pictured here
A view of the treaty being signed inside the palace in Versailles, France
Another view of the treaty being signed inside the palace of Versailles
Announcement of the Saar region being formed in a German paper
This is a picture of the border of the new Saar region being formed after the treaty
English troops marching in London the day of the treaty of Versailles signing
Indian troops marching after the treaty to cheering fans congratulating on the victory
Map of Europe after the treaty of Versailles
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