Ominous Energy

A collection of artwork featuring death and demons. 

This image depicts Death riding a white horse. The texture of the artists brush strokes looks like Death is riding a horse in the clouds looking down on his next unsuspecting victim.
Death 1914 This is a great piece for this gallery. Here we see a skeleton “Death” walking through water. This image is in a monochromatic color scheme. The lines and shading of the water around the skeleton’s foot give it movement. The artist also added texture strokes to the water giving it movement as well. The arm of the skeleton is stretched out as if it is signaling for someone or something to follow him. The horizon line gives the image a bit of depth as well.
Anguish This is another dark piece themed piece. The subject of the image is a mother sheep with her dead little lamb, surrounded by black crows. This piece is in a monochromatic color scheme of black and white. The artist’s variations in hues gives the sky a dark forbidding feel to it. The contrasts on the ground give the snow a light fluffy texture. The lines of the sheep’s coat give it a rough texture. The crow in the backs small size gives the image depth.
Kiss of Death Here we see Death clinging to a person, in what seems to be a cave of some sort. The lines of this image give the cave a rough texture. The lines of the face imply sadness. The monochromatic color scheme aids in the dark tone of the image. The emphasis here is Death and this human.
In this image the artist used a monochromatic color scheme of mainly black, grey, and white, which help set the tone of the piece and give it a dark ominous feel. The self-portrait of the artist with death makes me think that this artist knew he was going to die.
This artist made great use of the space that he had to work with. The artist layered all the objects perfectly and with the help of proportions, giving the piece some depth. The colors are dark and are of a split complimentary color scheme. Here we see Death up lifting the tiger over the lifeless elephant, as if Death is celebrating this tigers victory over the elephant.
Escape from Death This piece is yet another perfect addition to the Ominous Energy gallery. Here we see a mermaid curled up on the shore with rough seas behind her. She seams worn out and exhausted. The artist’s use of contrast with color gives the mermaid a wet and smooth texture, as you would expect from a half fish/ half woman creature from the ocean would be. The artist uses dark tones and colors to give the image a dark ominous tone. Again with the contrast and values he gives the ocean a reflection of the moonlight and the lines give the ocean and clouds movement.
Demon (Sitting) This image of a demon fits in to my theme perfectly. Demons are by reputation bad, dark and evil creatures. In this image we see a demon sitting alone. This demon looks sad. The lines of the demons arms and the hue variations give the impression that this creature has a human like physique. The proportion of the demon and the rocks beside him give the image depth against the background and the setting sun. The color scheme of this image is more of an analogous scheme.
Deadly Demon This image depicts a scorpion like demon. The demon has the body of a scorpion and the head of a human. Above the demon we see a skull and skeleton hand holding a number of other skulls. The background colors and textures look like fire, and the brush strokes make it seem like the fire is moving. The lines that are created by the demons arms and claws draw your eyes up to the skeleton. The emphasis in this image is on the demon himself. The color scheme here is monochromatic everything is a shade of yellow.
St. Theresa Morl This image is of St. Theresa Morl on her deathbed. This image fits in nicely with the Ominous Energy theme. The artist’s textures give this woman’s dress a silky feel and the headdress resembles tool. The colors of the background give the room depth as well as the proportion of the woman and the candles. The colors of the room give the image a dark tone.
Credits: All media
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