The Son and Servant of the Father - Marion Brown

This gallery is comprised of works depicting Jesus of Nazareth.  Believed by Christians to be their savior and Messiah, his image has been illustrated by countless artists on various mediums throughout history.  This collection of works attempts to provide a brief visual overview of how different artists with varying styles from around the globe have approached this famous subject.

In this scene a young Jesus is sitting on a chair in the middle of a large temple with several archways. He is surrounded by his elders who listen intently as he speaks. Jesus is gesturing demonstratively. His head is surrounded by a brilliant golden glow that denotes him as being holy. There is a woman to his right with a more subdued glow around her head who can be presumed to be the Virgin Mary. The artist employs bright colors in his painting. The ornate archways provide a sense of grandeur and also contain lines that draw the eye to the subject in the center. There is also the use of balance conveyed by the structure and the gathering of people.
In this painting, Jesus is standing askew to the viewer's left in front of what appears to be a window. The window is partitioned into four squares with a dove inhabiting the upper with most square. Although there are many colors present, the most vibrant is the bluish-purple robe that Jesus is wearing. The lines of the robe flow toward his face, which along with the color of the robe and emphasize his role in the painting. The exaggerated proportion also draws attention to him.
In this piece, Jesus is sitting with his arms bound and surrounded by three soldiers. One soldier kneels in front of with what appears to be a spear or arrow in his hand. Jesus has his eyes turned slightly upward averting the soldiers gaze. There is a noticeable lack of color in this scene. The artist employs many textures throughout his work. The floor appears cold and hard while the hair of Jesus is soft and flowing.
This image depicts an older Jesus in what appears to be a dark room. The only light in the painting emanates from the window and the face of Christ. The artist places emphasis on the window and face by contrasting the absence of color with the dark black, purple and red room.
Here we see Jesus walking down a stairway into a corridor filled with people. His white robe, which appears light and thin, stands out starkly against the rest of the scene whose colors are more subdued. There is a person kneeling at his feet and a man sitting on the ground in between the legs of a woman. The woman is gesturing toward Christ.
Hanging on his crucifix clad only in a loincloth, Jesus turns his eyes toward the sky. Dark black clouds swarm behind him. There are two skulls and some bones at his feet. Horse riders are galloping away in the distance. The white of Christ's skin and the lines of his limbs and cross indicate he is the main subject of this work. Other than that there is little color employed. The outstretched arms and dark cloud behind the crucifix create a triangle-like shape.
In this bust, Jesus is staring straight ahead at the viewer with his lips slightly parted. His left hand covers his chest just below his collarbone. The use of texture is apparent here with the artist creating tufts of a full grown beard and the smoothness of skin. His flowing locks create movement that draw attention to the hand placed over his chest.
A young Jesus holds a shepherd's hook and tends to his flock in this painting. He is petting one of his sheep while turning his face and eyes toward the sky. The sheep's coats appear thick and woolly much like Christ's hair. The main color used is found in his tunic, which is a rosy red that billows with movement.
Here we have no indication of where Jesus is. He is represented by a glowing form of red against a dark background. His face is slightly obscured in shadow and what we do see of it is slightly out of focus almost as if he were wearing a think linen over his face. What is in stark focus is the bright with crown of thorns on his head. As in other works, we see his head and eyes turned upward toward the sky, but there are no discernible pupils.
Jesus sleeps on a boat during a storm while his disciples scramble to maintain it's upright position. His head is surrounded by a golden glow. The textures the artist used depict a frothing sea swept by fierce winds. The sails of the boat are at half mast creating two cross shapes on the boat. A sense of space is created with vague forms off in the distance.
Credits: All media
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