Baroque in Oil - Bailey Fitzgibbon

This art gallery will contain only oil paintings with the subject playing instruments. In these paintings, the subject may be near or at a medium distance, not a wide angle. The subject must be one or more people holding and/or playing an instrument of any kind. However, the painting must be dated from 1600 to 1699.

Bagpipe Player is an oil painting that depicts a man in the act of playing bagpipes. The round shape of the bagpipe with the smooth value transitions create the form of a bagpipe in action perfectly.
Boy playing the Flute depicts a young child as the focus of the image playing a wooden flute. On the wall, another flute and a violin can be seen, bringing balance to the child on the left side.
A lady playing the piano has turned to look at a dog. The dog seems to have just woken up, as it can be seen stretching. In the background, a maid can be seen taking a break from her duties.
Cupid dances in the center of this image, surrounded by instruments of many kinds. Contrast greatly shapes the forms in this image as the darkness surrounds a well-lit cupid and the strings below.
Hearing is the sense in this image. The long-haired man in the image is seen drawing a line with his bow across the violin, creating music for the audience to hear.
This image becomes a battleground between two groups of musicians on either side. Contrast and color splash this depiction, creating a high-energy environment for the duel to commence.
The man in this portrait can be seen holding a lute with his mouth wide open, probably singing. The colors are mostly brown, emphasizing the lighter tint of the lute, as this is where the music comes.
A woman in a blue skirt plays the piano. A man can be seen looking on to the scene of her fingers on the piano keys. Both subjects seem to focus their attention to the piano.
Saint Cecilia plays an organ in the center of this image. Angels can be seen around her, listening to the music intently. The background is mostly black, emphasizing the organ-playing saint.
This image speaks greatly for the time it was created. Art was beginning to drive society. On the left, we see an artist at work, drawing. Opposite him, a musician is seen, representing the other art.
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