Rising with the sun - Julio Alfaro

This gallery consists of paintings, sculptures and photographs of the greek god Apollo. Apollo is considered to be the god of sun.

Here is a statue of Apollo. Apollo was a son of Zeus and Leto. Apollo also has a twin sister named Artemis. Apollo is the god of music and is know the carry a golden lyre (arp). Not only is he the god of music but also the god of healing, plague, disease and archery.
Here is an another statue of Apollo. Apollo was known to have been born on the island of Delos. He was an seven month child, therefore on seventh day of a month sacrifices were offered to him. Apollo is beardless, with an athletic figure and a youthful appearance. Apollo's grandmother was a Titan
Apollo being a fan of music was also and fan of gatherings. Here in this painting is a contest between apollo and Marsyas (who played the flute), who lost and was hung from a tree and flayed (peeling of the skin) alive. Marsyas was reincarnated into a mountain stream.
This is a painting of Apollo avenging the death of his son. Apollo being a god of archery was armed with a golden bow during his victory against a cyclops (one eyed monster) who forged the lighting bolt that ended up killing Apollo's son Asklepios.
Here is another painting of Apollo being seen with his golden bow. Apollo deafened many enemies with his bow but one being a monstrous serpent called Python. Apollo defeated the Python with a swarm of arrows. The python was destroyed for pursing Apollo's mother Leto during her pregnancy.
Here is yet another painting of Apollo, but in this one he is seen pursing one of his lovers Daphne. Daphne eventually grew tired of being followed by Apollo that she was turned into a laurel tree by the Gaia (Earth).
A bus head of a beardless Apollo.Apollo was sometimes referred to as the God of Light and the God of Truth. Apollo being a God of Music was a director of a choir. During the Trojan war Apollo aided Paris in killing Achilles.
Here we see a statue on a wall of Apollo. Apollo had many companions. One of Apollo's dearest companion was Hyacinthus was accidentally killed by apollo with a discus during a throwing contest. Apollo felt terrible about to situation and turned Hyacinthus into larkspur flower.
Apollo defeated many enemies. He did not like when people were harming his loved ones. For example when the giant of Phokis, Tityos tried to rape Apollo's mother Leto as she was passing through the region
Apollo was falling hard for all the types of people. One being Coronis. Coronis was pregnant with a son of Apollo when she committed adultery. Apollo was furious about the situation the had occurred to him, in which he sent his twin sister Artemis to destroy her.
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