The Depth of Perspective

Art History - Google Art Project - Brandon Barros 

Vanishing point is utilized in this photo panel as the architecture on the left hand side becomes more narrow as it proceeds to the right half of the photo.
Perspective is primarily used in this painting to display the depth in the arches of the center building, as well as to show depth in the bordering buildings.
Certain objects and structures are strategically placed farther off in the distance and drawn smaller to simulate distance and depth.
Our eyes are drawn down the center of the painting as the one point perspective leads us to believe that there is tremendous depth in the center archway.
Perspective of the surrounding buildings to the left and right hand sides draw our eyes to the center of the photo, displaying the man's hand gesturing towards the center building.
Definition and shading is emphasized in the archways to show depth.
Depth is primarily displayed in the center of the architecture as the arches narrow towards the center point.
Our eyes are lead down the right hand side towards the center and off in to the distant building through the use of vanishing point.
The distance buildings in the background emphasize the depth of the piece in comparison to the people in the near foreground.
The arches and pillars primarily narrow towards the left hand side, displaying depth in the right hand side.
The placement of the pillars lead our eyes to see the circular depth of the room.
The left hand wall narrows towards the center of the room, displaying depth and size.
The use of one-point perspective draws our eyes towards the center from all angles.
The floorboards primarily display depth as they run closer to each other towards the top section of the painting.
The arches lead our eyes down the hallway towards what appears to be a dome shaped ceiling.
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