Art History Project

The design principle that I believe these all have is color, because the paintings I chose are all brown being complemented by brown.  

The brown in the background compliments the other browns used in his clothes and face.
The girls stand out with their flashy dresses yet the man is blended with the backgrounds
The brown around compliments the whole painting and the glows on Marat
Brown compliments the scene giving everyone a brown hue.
Brown is complimented by red, yet adding a hue to it.
Even though the man is basic brown he stands out by being darker.
The fruit stand out with color, yet absorb the brown as well.
This whole painting is complemented by brown living the woman's skin pop out.
The colors absorb a hue of brown and stand out.
The scene is colorful yet complemented by brown.
The wood of the gun is complemented by the background of the object.
This scene is complemented by a light brown on each color.
The brown horses stand out on the ground ground because they are darker.
The family is all wearing brown yet the mother stands out because she is lighter.
Everything is pain ted brown and even faded to be a lighter brown.
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