This exhibition is all about WAR and the consequences and sufferings it brings along with it. I chose these artworks to go into my exhibition because it shows the pain and suffering that war bought, which is usually ignored. Each artwork tells its own story but stills sums up to my theme. The lines in the artworks are flowing and delicate. The tone of the artworks’ is dramatic and muted whereas the texture is smooth and fine, a few of the artworks are coarse.  The shapes would be described as organic and elongated. The movement that defines the artworks’ is flowing and dramatic. The scale of the artworks can be described as intimate and monumental.  The contrast is very strong and dramatic. The colours of the artworks consist of very pale, earthy and naturalistic colours. Some pf the artworks consist of flat tones. 

This work evidencess the Structural Frame
This work evidences the Post Modern Frame
This work evidences the Subjective frame
This work evidences he Cultural Frame
Credits: All media
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