Defining the Line

A analyses of the use of lines in different pieces of art

The Steamship Syracuse uses lines to portray multiple ideas. Notice the curved outline of the flags in the ship. Bard drew the flags with downward wavy slope to help portray the speed of the vessel. The flags are not fully extended, which tells us the ship is not going at a high rate of speed yet there is a moving presence of wind evident in the curvature of the flags. Lines are also used to present stability. The bottom of the Syracuse is completely straight showing the stability of the boat flowing the river.
Lines are a very important aspect in Song of the Lute. One I may point out is the lack of lines in the water. The zero presence of lines instills a sense of calmness on the water. The outline of the boat shows closer parallel lines the the center that give direction and depth to the boat. The boat on the right of the image uses horizontal lines to show space and give definition to the back of the boat.
In View of Mount Vernon the main house dominates the image. the lines bordering the house give it its depth and volume. The vertical pillars develop a sense of strength in the construction of the house as well as suggest it as a seat of power. Just as many political houses uses pillars in the entrance of the building.
Justice uses lines in a more abstract manner in directing our attention to differing areas of the portrait. For example, the judge's gaze matches that of the accused. The line is also enhanced by the light coming from behind the judge where it borders the shadow focusing our attention on the two parties. 
Implied line is used in this painting by the direction of the characters eye site. The eye site of the two flanking individuals are focused direct upon the face of the middle figure, and all three pairs of eyes are all in a line with each other. The rod held by David is straight, enhancing his position of power over the other two characters.
The painting Nudes under Trees uses curved lines throughout the image. The uniformity of all the lines being curved gives a specific rhythm to the painting. The curves of the two women's bodies imply a soft and carefree emotion to the painting. This would be heavily contrasted by a painting uses straight line characters expressing a more stern or serious attitude.
The Foxes is an image that stands unique due to its abstract use of lines. The differing angels give the painting a three dimensional textile feel. The not pattern like display of differing line angles give the foxes a more mysterious appearance.
This painting is a good illustration of contour line use. The lines in the chair are rounded to show the curvature of the couch but comletely uniform in their direction. This opposes the non uniformity of the lines depicting the body of the woman. Using differing uniformity of the lines the artist added depth and contrast to the image.
Lines used in the Fachada drawing give the building its structure, space, and constructive feel. The outline of the whole building is present shows its mass. All of the windows are evenly spaced and in line with one another both vertically and horizontally. This structured pattern gives the building a sense of structure a uniformity. 
The contour lines of the water give the water a sense of motion and slight chaos. This is directly opposed by the lined border of land that is horizontal and uniform showing stability. 
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