Angels & Demons                by: Misty Baker

This collection represents the good and evil. I have always had a fascination with religious artwork. I chose primarily classic styled works. There is no true modern art in this gallery but remnants from a time when religion ruled the land. Because this gallery is representative of light and dark, I chose black and white pieces with the exception of one that is blue and white. Most of the pieces follow a similar style and most are etchings with balanced lines and very busy canvas that gives the eye much to look upon despite the lack of color in the pieces. 

This piece is fairly balanced and has plenty to guide the eye around the picture. The picture depicts a young boy leaving home with guardian angels as his escorts. His father reaches out as if he does not want him to go. The mother looks a bit sad but her arms gesture that she understands that he son must leave home.
In this drawing we see the Virgin Mary being crowned by two angels. She sits with her hair in a braid and an expression that seems to indicate that she does not feel worthy of this honor. She cradles the Christ child in her lap. The angels crowning her seem happy to be bestowing this honor to her.
This picture is actually an illustration from Milton's "Paradise Lost". The illustration depicts Satan riling up his army of fallen angels. He holds his spear in his hands, with his arms and wings stretched upward in determination. Behind him stands a formidable looking angel who one would assume is his right hand. Others can be seen rising out of the lake of flames.
This is another illustration from "Paradise Lost". In this one two angels are guarding Paradise. One is very large and the other can be seen on the cliff. Emerging behind the larger and from the forest are humans. The wonderful thing about this picture is the illusion that light is actually coming from the figures in the picture.
This picture depicts a group of angels frolicking in the clouds. A shaft of light is illuminating them. They resemble little fat children. They can be seen wrestling, hugging, and kissing in the clouds. It is a scene of happiness and joy.
This is one of the more recent pieces I selected(1890) and one of the most simple. In this picture I see what appears to be the sun emerging on the waters and from behind the cliff. The demon looks unhappy towards the sky as a woman sits in front of him.
This piece depicts a goat like demon on a rock with a serpentine tail. His worshippers can be seen below him dancing round fires and kneeling at his alter. It gives the picture a feel of both curiosity and horror.
Here we see the story of Saint Micheal driving away Lucifer and his demons. St. Micheal is depicted in the clouds with his spear drawn. Below we can see Lucifer is represented as the largest of the demons and he fleas behind his minions.
This is my favorite of the collection. The blue gives it an erie beauty. In this piece, the demon Belphagore has appeared to a group of humans. It is unsure as to whether he has been summoned. They stand around a fire and gaze at him in both fear and awe.
I had to gaze at this one for a bit to determine its meaning. In this picture, a demon appears to be running a printing press. We can see in the details that his little demon minions are helping with his task. There is a lot of shading and dark detail. One has to really focus to catch everything.
Credits: All media
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