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The bedroom is the name of the painting. It was painted by Van Gogh in October 1888. I can see in the farground a bed and a chair. In the background there are a chair, painting, a window and a desk. On the right I can see a door painted in blue. The ground is making in wood. The bedroom is clear and beautiful. In my opinion is the following one : The bedroom is quiet and beautiful.
The Battle of the Nile is the name of the painting by Phillip James de Lautherbourg. It was painting in 1800. I can see in the farground people. Maybe theyare looking lost. In the background I can see a lot of boats and clouds. The clouds are orange. I think that there was an explosion. I can see a boat with wrecked. The sky is blue and grey. This painting is gloomy. In my opinion the colors are beautiful. I like the spirit of the painting.
The blinded Samson is the name of the painting by Loris Corinth. It was painting in 1912. I can see a man he is standing. Maybe he is criminal because he has got chairs or his wrists and he is looking blind because his eyes ar hurt the prisoner isn't wearing clothes. When I'm looking this painting I can see a sad man.
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