The Commonality of City Corruption

Corruption is a huge problem in cities all over the world. Ethics, morals and even laws are broken every day, by both common residents and by the people in authority. There is no such thing as a good guy when corruption is so common. Corruption can be formed by violence, the want for money, the fight for power, the lack of authority or the selfish elite. 

Chaotic, unstructured mess. The winners are alive, while the losers are the ones who died. Jacobs- Trust on the city sidewalks (56) Hammett- there’s a lot wrong the town, said so nonchalantly (10).
A hand full of people (all from a high social class) control a whole city’s worth of people can easily lead to corruption. Jacobs- Few government people who do not understand the majority of the people in the cities. Hammett- Elihu owns the entire town (8).
The gun represents an aspect of the corruption that takes place in the cities daily: violence and physical danger. Jacobs- The people with the guns are the ones controlling the bad areas (32). Hammett- “Who shot him?” “Somebody with a gun” (7) "Chi-Iraq"- They use guns, not words.
Corruption spreads to the women and children. Even women get involved in gangs and dangerous behavior. Jacobs- Businesses and parks are closed so there is nothing to do (4-5). Hammett- Dinah is an expert of corrupting men for money (27) Maltese Falcon- Brigid is a liar and a bad guy.
Many corrupt people are two-faced. Jacobs- The elite make it seem like they are doing what’s best for the people, but they only care about themselves. Hammett- Dinah does not appear to be corrupt/evil; she tricks people. Maltese Falcon- Brigid starts off trying to look like an innocent, helpless woman.
People use violence as a way to get what they want. Also you can never really see a true person when violence takes over them. Jacobs- A lot of crime happens in unsupervised parks. (82-84) Hammett- Thaler using guns and violence to get wha the wanted (52).
People will kill just for money. Zero Dollar Bill- can you really put a price on a person’s life? Jacobs- Focus on themselves and not ask about money (4). Hammett- Dinah asks for money (32). The Op getting 10k to fix the city (45).
People were not arrested for crimes because there was so many crimes happening and a lot of the corruption comes from the authority. Jacobs- Need more residents and people watching out for each other (76). Hammett- Bank robbery staged by the cops (52). "Chi-Iraq"- Cops did not go near the building because the gangs controlled it all.
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