Colorful Nature

Theme(s): Nature, and Color.

This photo of the various flowers with the orange and yellow and the background with a light blue tone which put emphasis on the flowers in front of it.
This Korean art photo of yellow flowers with the strong blue glass behind it enchanting the emphasis on the flowers. This art meets my theme colorful nature. You can see the various colors used.
This art is using multiple colors which are green, blue, brown, white, cyan, and yellow. The colorful nature theme goes perfectly with this artwork.
This painting displays various colors which are yellow, white, green, blue, brown, and cream. Also the painting is in nature.
This painting is interesting one, the dark aroma it brings out when you look at it is nice. Using natural colors like dark & light green, brown, blue, and a little yellow. This is colorful nature.
This painting displays the colors dark yellow, blue, white, red, black, and orange. The scenery is outside in the woods. Colorful nature.
The beautiful forest from a higher view is just perfect in my opinion. The colors used are shades of blue, green, brown, and then a little yellow. Perfect description of colorful Nature.
This painting you are looking at the trees from a leveled view. Pretty cool in my opinion I like the darkness. The colors used are shades of green, brown, blue, and gray. Example of colorful Nature.
This painting is on a port. Very interesting colors used here they look like water colors. The colors used are shades of yellow, red, green, blue, white, orange, and red.. Example of colorful Nature.
The colors used, so bright and calm. The colors used are shades of yellow, brown, green, and orange. A nice forest to look at I would love to take a walk there thanks to this colorful nature painting.
Credits: All media
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