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I believe that this piece includes directional lines within the masts of the sales. My eyes are drawn to certain spots within the image that they would not otherwise be drawn to.
Along with directional lines, this stark contrast in colors and direction provide different textures simply by using lines. The contour lines of the farmer gives a definite contrast to the field that he is working in.
This image is made up of a large amount of contour lines. These lines add depth and space to St. John in a very real way.
This actual line in the bottom portion of this piece provides a great deal to the work. I am amazed at how much this one line in correlation to different shades of color can alter an image so durastically.
There are many different types of lines within this piece including actual lines like the visible green and oranges lines as well as implied lines where there is a gap in the lines.
Credits: All media
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