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Happiness can be inspired by an object, experience or thought. In creating this gallery, I wanted to show how happiness has be portrayed visually by artists from different time periods and cultures.  I chose the images initially because they appealed to my taste and then made my final selections based on their descriptions.  The following 10 images relate to my theme of happiness it's inspiration.

To me this image conveys happiness as it may stem from vanity. The woman is dressing and smiling down at the boy or cupid. Overall, it is has a relaxed mood.
I wanted to find another version of Fragonard's painting "The Swing" the one seen in the video. However, it was not available on Google Art. I chose this as an iconic scene of happiness and leisure from the Rococo movement.
The idea of enlightenment is often associated with happiness. These panels show the different stages of the life of Buddha. In each scene he has a small smile that conveys a peaceful and happy mood.
This woodcut shows a man giving a baby to a welcoming couple. The artist conveys happiness through his use of expressive lines which are think and exaggerated implying excitement or action. His subject matter also depicts a happy experience for the mother and child.
I chose this more abstract expression of my theme because I feel that the overall mood of the installation creates a general feeling of peace and happiness.
The cool blue colors of these concentric circles are calming and symbolize happiness. To me this almost looks like a bright sun, which can be another symbol that inspires happiness. This work also reminds me of a mandala that can be used for meditation and enlightenment.
In this contemporary copy of Mondrian's minimalist painting, the artist adds a bottle of unknown "happy pills" as a symbol of how today's consumerist society often seeks a quick and easy way to happiness. The bright colors and busy geometric pattern create an energetic and upbeat mood.
Kisoo shows happiness with a very literal depiction of a happy person and their pet, stopping to smell some flowers. The bold faces communicate that a happy experience is underway.
Birthday wishes and cake are often associated with happy experiences and memories. I chose this contemporary photograph because it is focused on the lit candles, almost making the viewer feel the excitement right before blowing them out and eating the cake.
I chose to end my exhibition with a photograph of a happy kitten. This is image is an iconic representation of how happiness is often communicated through social media today.
Credits: All media
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