Illusion of Space

Though the top of these rock formations seem foggy, it's almost as if you can see past the fog and see many other rock formations behind it.
If you could step into this painting, you could walk a long, long way.
I feel like I could pet the animals inside.
The shadows around the rocks and water give this painting space.
A landscape and portrait mix. Because most landscapes have space, and the portrait almost looks like a photograph, the painting has space.
This picture gives the unusual view that looks through branches instead of giving a nice clear view. It also feels like a kind of window looking at the building further in.
If you look closely, you can see people on the trails in the distance.
There is so much fruit, and it's so colorful! Also, there is a landscape in the background which gives it even more depth.
The angle of this painting is looking up. Surely, if I were standing, personally, next to this painting, I would feel small.
Though it seems almost flat, the picture does have space. This is because objects are overlapping and there still seems to be dimension.
A beautiful painting that allows you to see far into the distance.
Instead of shading or color, the artist used texture to create the depth in the picture.
It looks so real and beautiful. And not only does the landscape appear to be very large, but also allows you to see far in the distance.
Because the people seem to be able to walk behind the tree, there is space.
The view is like looking through a telescope from a fair distance away.
Most pictures seem to have space. This has no space. It is completely 2D.
It's like a terrible storm is about to hit, but the people want to skate and play on the ice anyway. There are a lot of people, and buildings, which give the painting a lot of space.
There is a lot of texture in this picture, as well as space.
Even if it says Mountain Landscape, the first thing most will notice is the river. The mountains are in the distance.
I just like this one. My friend showed this to me. It does have space, but I really love how the trees look to have come from a fairytale, or a dream.
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