Contemporary art

By Aldo Lomeli

This artwork was made by David Manzur. I choosed this because David Manzur invites us to discover multiple ways to copy the moon. Through textures and planes protruding from the surface, we move into a different cosmic conception.
I like this because Cardenas 's work takes place in the context of Pop art with everyday and consumer like going to a supermarket or an ice cream parlor scenes.
I like this because in this work of Nadin Ospina you can find characters from comics, television and popular culture in this century crib.
In here, the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki demonstrated the weakness of human beings.
Marco Ospina was the first Colombian artist to introduce abstraction in his works, this savanna landscape is an example of the symbiosis between a synthesized background trees and a naturalist.
A pool of standing water can also be the pretext for a landscape.
The incognito rainforest is expressed symbolically and dreamlike way, in Jacanamijoys work.
Exuberance of our flora and chromatic possibilities are present in the work of Mabel Rivera.
Another way to approach the landscape, where the protagonist is the color.
Capturing the landscape is not only used in colors, the main thing is the atmosphere and this is achieved masterfully by Zambrano Molina.
Credits: All media
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