The Renaissance 

After registering for art appreciation class, i realized i was very interested in the renaissance era. so therefore, my virtual presentation will consist of renaissance art work from varies artist.

I took a weird interest into Sandro Botticelli's art work. its like the woman is compelled by two different shades of a person.
The Virgin and Child by Sandro Botticelli is so beauty to me. the way the baby is looking at the mother.
It may be a little silly, but Albrecht Durer Hare painting interested me, because the rabbit is so realistic looking.
Just looking at The Tower of Babel by Pieter Breugel, looks so fasinating to me.
I feel into interest with this art work by Han Holbein, simply i liked the way the two men dressed back then in the renaissance era.
Out of all the renaissance artworks ive seen, ive never seen one depicted in the desert.
Truthfully, i took interest in Raphael Gemaldegalerie sistine madonna because she reminded me of my mom.
Who wouldnt take interest in this painting? I took interest in The Fall Of the Rebel Angels simply because it depicted an act of war between numerous.
Credits: All media
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