Tragedies of the World Wars

The World Wars inflicted tragedy among the lives of millions of people and left a devastating aftermath with the path that both of these brutal wars took. This collection of paintings from various artists depicts several scenes of the tragedies that came with both WW1 and WW2 and the horror that took place during this time.

This painting shows the bodies of two dead British soldiers lying in the middle of a battle field on the Western Front. This land is these soldier's final resting place. This work of art was picked because it shows the consequential tragedies that occur when following the path to glory.
This painting shows the corpses of two dead German soldiers in a German trench after a battle. This image relates to tragedies because this trench is the soldiers tomb due to the horrid actions that war brings.
This images is a very unpleasant sight for viewers, for it shows the after math of a gas attack from German forces, Through all of the bodies lying on the ground and the yellow gas in the air, this painting definitely shows the tragedies that occur from the use of one sides deadly weapons.
This images shows the wire barricade on the Hindenburg Line along the western front in the First World War. The image of the wire and the dark landscape around it show how horrific war can be due to the preparation for enemy forces and the tragic events that occur after.
This image shows two soldiers surveying No Mans Land after an apparent mortar shell attack that destroyed all of the Oppy Wood stumps in the picture. The aftermath of the bombardment is a horrific sight that no person once to see and it is simply a tragedy that these soldiers are living in these conditions.
The soldiers seen in this image are the 1st Artists Rifles and they are moving forward into battle in the middle of what looks to be a snow storm. This painting shows the conditions in which these soldiers have to fight and live in which is a tragedy because for some of them it is the last place they will ever be.
This painting shows British soldiers moving supplies along a road from Arras to Bapaume. These soldiers are possibly headed into something no one ever wants to see. This foreshadows the tragedies that are to come from the preparation of battle.
This painting shows British soldiers moving across the Western Front amidst a battle in the First World War. The reason this piece was chosen is because of the vast and tragic destruction of the landscape and the devastating and unpleasant sight that it gives the viewer.
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