by Elena Starr

This wild giraffe practically jumps out at the viewer. The giraffe is 3 dimensional and almost alive jumping with movement. The bright colors further the dimension's intrigue.
This painting was painted by the first and the last Orientalist painter of the Ottoman Empire. The artist went beyond dimensional and created a portrait that will never lose its movement and life.
This is the entry way at the Crafts Museum in Delhi India. This roof makes intriguing use of design. The vertical and horizontal lines as well as diagonal create graceful movement.
The rough brush strokes give this painting texture and wonderful dimension. The boards that it is painted on further the dimensional qualities. The two contrasting colors of silver and gold add to this lively piece.
This photo creates intense dimension with the black and white lighting. The mountains naturally in the back ground only heighten this dimensional wonder.
This modern day sculpture is an interesting use of natural materials. This cube is 500 w by 500 h by 500 cm deep. It was created with precise dimension. It fits nicely in the greenery.
The choice of colors and even brush strokes keep the viewers eye moving along with the strokes interweaving. The crossing of the strokes create amazing dimension in this colorful piece.
This painting could be a photo. The artist captured the dimensions and vitality of lightning. The black and white further the dimensional reality of this work.
This simple modern sculpture is a reverent and lively piece. It has the potential to capture the viewer and peacefully impose the spiritual world upon her.
Credits: All media
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