Digging into Human Nature

These slides represent what human nature is really about.

In human nature this would symbolize work because he is fishing in harsh conditions.
This picture symbolizes family due to this mother and her child being together.
This picture symbolizes beauty and vain because she is a beautiful young women trying to fit in by being fake and " beautiful".
This picture symbolizes leadership because George was our first president and true democratic leader.
This picture symbolizes chaos and destruction because when pompii was in its last day it was total chaos with bodies running around and death.
This sculpture symbolizes friendship. A dog is a man's best friend is a world wide quote. A dog is a companion.
This picture symbolizes music and creation. When the blues was invented it was a world wide phenomena that got the world into creating life and art.
The picture symbolizes monarchy because the women on the ground are kneeling and fixing this lady's skirt.
This picture symbolizes marriage and commitment. When you get married you are commited to that person for life and to death do you part.
One word. Modernization. This is one way that human nature play into things in homes. When you want better, newer stuff you make things better. It is an erge for new.
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