Banksy is a well known England-based graffiti artist. His art is very bold and shows political and world problems from his view. Some people find his art to be a bit inappropriate sometimes. His graffiti art shows problems in our society that some people do not want to talk about. There is a mystery surrounding who the real artist is because Bansky is not his real name.  Many people seem to believe that it is Robin Gunningham. Banksy is famous for using different ideas and emotions into his art work, making most of his work dark humor. Many people love his work and they wish they could buy paintings by him, but he doesn't sell any of his work. Since people cannot buy his art they got upset and the art auctioneers have been known to attempt to sell his street art on location and leave the problem of its removal in the hands of the winning bidder. Also you can definitely see that Banksy has a point to his work. His passion and feelings come through both bad and good. I am not sure what they all are supposed to mean, but I have my own thoughts about what they are symbolizing. In addition Banksy’s Career started in 1992, but no one knew how amazing he was until he did one of his huge murals. Also I think that it is very cool how he can show how he feels about the world and a lot of people actually listen because they love him as an artist and they believe he has good things to say about how our world needs to change. Over all I believe that Banksy is an amazing artist who has a lot of great points and that he should keep doing what he loves.

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