chris jenkins karen wilson art appr. 11 am

line the 2 conveyors and vertical smoke stakes show many lines for the eye to follow
implied line everyone in the painting is looking at venus and it draws your eyes to her
illusion of depth the boats close to the viewer vs the buildings in the distance give the illusion of depth
atmospheric or aerial perspective the mountain in the distance show the haziness in the air
geometric shape- it has many geometric patters such as the ones in black and white that show shapes.
organic shapes the shapes of the animals, plants and the nude female all are organic shapes
monochromatic it is a black and white photo of lincoln and his son tad
hatching/crosshatching this shows very fine detailes of hatching and cross hatching
chiaroscuro the use of the fire light and how it illuminates differently on the peoples faces shows chiaroscuro
pattern a repeated design is interwoven in this piece
symmetrical balance each side is the same as the other
radial balance everything seems to come out of a center point but stays in balance
asymmetrical one side has the shore and a fence while the other is open ocean making the piece seem off balance
contrast it goes from white to black in contrast
movement/motion you can almost see these figures moving as you look at this piece, especially the bull
emphasis your eyes seem to be drawn to the eyes in this piece
scale the wide open spaces contrast to the indians showing how small man really is
proportion the larger and smaller scales are in good proportion to one another
repetition/rhythm repeating swirls and rolling hills
unity the square flower field combine with the scragely grass and bushes above
variety this piece shows many different things from people to mountains
representational you could see this in nature
abstract it looks nothing like a city but represents one to the artist
non-representational shows some detail but the faces and surfaces have no real detail
innovator george seurat this is my favorite piece of art his use of pointillism (dots) is great
complementary all the colors seem to come together
analogous colors the yellows greens and browns all come together
arbitrary the colors of the fish probably could not be found in nature
perceptual color the color on the man in the back has become monochromatic while the the man in front has a more natural color from the light
positive/negative space the cigs standing up vs the dark shadows
actual texture you can see the texture of the stone some of it is very rough and some smooth
implied texture the cross hatching gives the piece much texture especially on her face