The lines look very calm , I say calm because the lines look slowly wavy
The lines in this art makes it seem depressed. I think depressed because the lines look serious and straight.
The lines in this artwork is thin.
The lines in the photo makes it seem happy , and confusing ; by that I mean the lines look like they are in 3D and that makes it happy. It makes it look confusing because the shapes and lines are all over
The lines here look calm but also confusing , I think that because it has very neat why the lines are going different ways
The lines in this photo makes it look excited. I say excited because the the lines are curvy , swirly , wavy , and straight . So that makes it look like a mixture of excitement
The lines in this artwork makes it look happy and smooth . I think that because the colors in the picture makes the lines pop out more. It also makes it feel joyful.
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