Neighbors in Colors

This gallery views art in Paris, France. The paintings were painted with oil on canvas, smooth and graceful brush strokes and watercolor. The colors in these paintings are close related to each other, like brown, black and white, blue, green and yellow. 

I chose this art because the scene shows a peaceful atmosphere. The colors are relaxed, soft; there is contrast in the green and light green which shows a sunset scenery in the park. The blue, red, pink and brown colors define the people in the park.
This art of France is relaxing. The colors of brown, gray and yellow orange are balanced. The darker colors to the left balance the right. I like this art because it is quiet and has a relaxing theme. It makes me want to take a walk through the quiet town.
The colors in this French painting is crowded, chaos. The gold, red and blue colors are everywhere. The theme is celebration; the figure colored in gray indicates to me that he is the king of France; the king is coming back from a battle. This painting makes me want to celebrate and welcome the king.
The colors are vibrant in this painting, and the most standing color in the painting is yellow. The yellow defines the trees on the street; the season in this art is fall. The painting is loud because the streets and the bridges look busy with the black horse carriages. I like the brushstrokes in this painting as well as the light colors.
This art view of Paris is beautiful. The colors brown, teal blue make the painting. The brown boats on the teal blue waters are calm and not rough. I like how the sky is darkened to view as sunset. I feel relaxed when I look at this painting, it is not crowded and the colors are not everywhere.
The colors in this art is moody, rough. The neighbor colors that stand out is brown, black and dark yellow; the thick black color outlines the objects. The colors look like it is painted in the late sunset on a cloudy day. I like this painting because of the brushstrokes and you can see the objects clearly from the black color.
Blue, red and white are the national colors of France. The colors are bright and happy, celebrating an event. It is not chaotic in this art; more like a celebration, and the three colors stand out the most. There are light brushstrokes of black and brown to define the people of France. I feel happy because I want to celebrate when I look at this painting.
This art is moody and glum. From inside the room, the colors are meshed together, creating a dark and cloudy scene. The green and brown colored balcony catches my eye; it contrasts with the dark colors of the apartments outside. I feel like this scene is from a mystery movie.
The colors in this art are balanced and bring out a royal theme. When I look at this, it is classy, relaxing. It is stable and you can tell the people in this painting have a lot of wealth. From the man's brown clothes to the woman's white, clear gown.
The colors in this painting is horror. The pale yellow and green is a sickly theme which describes this painting as a defeat from the mustard poison. The soldiers are covered in yellow and green, and the only savior from the poison is the white handkerchief that protects their eyes.
The flush green colors of the forest is the most used in the painting. The reflected light blue of the lake and nude color of the castle supports the green forest.
I like this fan because of the gold exterior and the blue color. The blue and the gold catches the attention of the viewer. The details are so define, that each color brings out the object or figures in this fan. The fan looks delicate and fragile, and it makes me want to hold it.
Royal colors of the French Court was mostly blue, white, red and gold. The dark colors contrasting with its complementary colors give a rich feeling in the painting. I like this art because it's high class. The bright red curtain behinf the figure stands out to me.
The colors bring joy and happiness in this art. Blue, white and a mix of green and light brown. I like how the scenery has lots of light because it depicts a sunny afternoon in this painting. I feel happy and relaxed when I look at this art; I want to walk around the streets like the people do in this painting.
This magazine article catches my eye because of the dark blue color and the olive skin on the figure. This propaganda is strong and the colors supporting the words are powerful. Joan of Arc is more like military colors.