Skyline Perspective

This is a great example of Atmospheric Perspective with colors fading as items are further away.
Using 2 point perspective, this image shows a more dynamic and active city.
This piece has a one-point perspective as well as atmospheric perspective. The lighting gives it a sunset feel which adds more contrast to the image.
This piece does not seem to use a direct vanishing point yet still gives the appearance of perspective
I love the lighting in this perspective piece, it shows a sunrise or sunset.
This piece uses a combination of one--point and atmospheric perspective to create a lifelike effect
This piece uses both atmospheric and one-point perspective, I really like the way it is asymmetrically balanced with the two buildings in the foreground.
Depth not only used in the foreground focus, but also in the background.
I love the detail in this building and how well perspective was used in the piece.
This is one of the few pieces that was designed for a nighttime atmosphere. The background really highlights some great detail in the main courtyard of the building.
This is a unique perspective piece as there are very few buildings giving the illusion. The only real part of the work that stands out is the sails on the right of the piece.
I chose this because it was nice to see water used as the primary ground art, as opposed to grass or dirt which is usually seen.
This is a simple black and white piece which uses one-point and atmospheric perspective that adds vibrance tot he city.
I thought this piece was interesting in that the focal point is on the people but there is a huge contrast in the background highlighting the cities perspective.
This is a great example of using a vanishing point to make a relatively small area seem even larger. Though it is not a skyline like the others, I felt it was important to have in this gallery.
While it is subtle, the atmospheric perspective here is beautiful.
This piece is very well know; however, it does not get much recognition for its perspective which is why I placed it here.
There is a lot going on in this image and I love how one-point perspective is used to enhance this very busy piece by adding depth and realism to the city
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