The goal of this gallery is to address the issue of the falling population of the honey bee. In recent years honey bee populations have been plummeting and not enough effort has gone into solving the problem. As studies have been conducted it has been revealed that there are multiple reasons as to why the bees have been dying and/or disappearing. The phenomena has been called "Colony Collapse Disorder" or "CCD" and it has been fully recognized for the past couple years in the scientific and environmental communities but nobody seems to be doing anything about it. One of the biggest factors to the death of the bees has been the application of neonicotinoids to all of our agricultural crops. Preferable to farmers over the constant application of insecticides, neonicotinoids or "neonics" are applied once to the seeds then absorb into the plant as it grows. The neonics act as a neurotoxin that greatly affects insects but supposedly doesn't harm mammals the same way. When bees are subjected to the neonics through flowering plants such as corn and soy beans (90% of which are genetically modified and contain the neonics) they are exposed to a non lethal dose that can disrupt their navigational abilities to find the hive, if they find the hive then they expose the entire population of the hive to the neonics (which then gets mixed into the honey and nectar) and eventually the doses exponentially build to cause death. 

This piece was chosen to initially familiarize the audience with the typical worker bee. The female worker bee is one of the most selfless organisms in the world, constantly working to fertilize the world around them.
This piece is an example as to how people even in the second century recognized the importance of the bees. Here Diana of Ephesos represents the god of fertility and what other insects than bees should be annointed around her waist.
I chose to add this piece to symbolize the close constant relationship humans have had with the Earth since we began farming. In order to keep this system working effectively we must always be mindful of how our actions affect the world around us. The bees are essential to maintaining a healthy natural ecosystem we can farm and harvest in. Without the bees our crops would fail.
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