The Natural Forest by Mitchell de Koning

This gallery contains artwork that illustrates how artists painted trees in nature using line and space.

"A Market Scene Under Trees in Katwijk op Rijn" depicts a series of trees, and a group of people who appear to be doing some type of work at a market place. The trees and leaves are rounded, which makes the painting very calm. Since the trees are painted smaller and thinner in the back, it gives the painting a three-dimensional look. These formal elements create a very relaxed and open painting.
“Trees in Bloom” depicts a couple of trees in a forest. The sharped lines indicate that there is some type of tension, which makes the viewer think that this scene is in an uninhabited area. Although the background isn’t very clear, there are some trees in the background. All the way in the back there is also a mountain, supporting that this is a forest. The formal elements of art: line and space, were used to create a very agitated painting.
“Trees in a Woodland Glade” depicts a small pond with some trees next to it, as well as in the background. The artist painted sharped and rounded lines, which gives this painting a very interesting feel. The trees in the back are shorter, which makes the painting very realistic. Since most of the trees are rounded, and the formal elements of art were used properly, this painting seems very relaxing
“Study of Trees 3” depicts a backroad with trees on the side. The artist used perspective to create a three-dimensional space, and mostly vertical lines to give the painting some depth. Having light shine through the middle, also gives this picture a very inspiring look. Although the artist focused mostly on lines, space was also an important element of art in this painting.
“Study for Trees 8” depicts a forest. The formal elements of arts that are most noticeable in this painting are line, space and contrast. Having sharped lines, and a big difference in light throughout this painting, it really looks like an ominous scene. The trees in back are lighter in color and also smaller, which also gives the painting a sense of space.
“Latrobe’s Essay on Landscape” depicts a small island with water surrounding it, and also trees on top of the island. Although the trees do get smaller in the back, it’s the small mountains in the background that mostly create space. The lines of the trees are rounded, which makes the painting look very relaxing and calm.
“A Stand of Birch Trees” depicts three trees in the foreground and a few trees in the background. The trees in the foreground are focused, while the trees in the back are barely visible. By having these trees in the background, there is a sense of space being created. Although the lines of the trees are pretty sharped, the painting isn’t very aggressive. This is because of the rounded leaves, color of the painting, and also the space that is created by the trees in the back.
“Landscape with a clump of trees” depicts a landscape with a small pond in the middle, and trees in the back. The tree right behind the pond is way bigger than the trees behind it, creating a huge space and scene. The lines in this painting are rounded, which gives this painting laid-back feel. Having trees that are so different in size, really gives this painting a soothing look.
“Trees in Meadow” depicts a field with multiple trees that are different in color and style, along with some clouds in the back behind the trees. The artist used rounded lines for the trees, sky and ground, which indicates that this painting was created to be very relaxing. Not only did the artist create space by painting some trees darker than others, but also by painting the trees in the back smaller than the ones in the front. The clouds behind the trees in the back also give the painting a more realistic look.
“Giant Redwood Trees of California” depicts forest with a focus on the trunk of the trees. There are also some people in the painting, which shows how enormous these trees are. Lastly, there is also a river that runs through the forest. The artist used both rounded and sharped lines, to create this oil on canvas painting. Space is created by the difference in color and light of the trees.
Credits: All media
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