Color Gallery

By Michael Leon Period 6

This piece of art is none other the primary colors of color. Note that even though it has black and white, it doesn't count. Which makes this piece only primary colors.
This piece of art contains the term secondary colors. Since this piece has orange , green, and purple. Its considered secondary.
The term tertiary is colors mixed to each like this orange and red on the man's face its a mixture of red and orange. Which makes this tertiary.
This piece of art is analogous. The colors of this piece are right next to each other making it analogous. Like similar colors of that color like this blue here.
The blue cup here represents the term cool bc of the color blue. The blue sets a nice and cool feeling which people can feel because of the color.
This painting is warm colors. Due to the background with the orange and the yellow. The fall background is making this piece as warm due to its bright colors.
This painting contains the colors red and green. Noticed how they're balanced. Making this an example of complenmentary because it uses opposite colors.
This work of art used the term spilt-complimentary. the primary colors that make the secondary colors are being used to create this art piece.
The color scheme used in this piece is tetradic. Which is two pairs of opposite colors. Which are blue and orange. As well with green and red
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