My collection of art is nautical themed. I will be choosing paintings that have to do with the ocean and boats. I chose this theme because The colors used are calming and i really like oceanic paintings.

-chris d

Painting was done on canvas with oil. I think it is some boats coming back from a wreck out farther because there are people in the water and they look upset and tired. J.M.W Turner is known as the painter of light because of his increasing interest in bright colors in his works. The mood of this painting is calm and a little hetic too. The moon for me is a symbol because they look.
I think this painting is people sailing a long through a canal in Italy. This painting is an oil on canvas painting. I chose this painting because it is calming and the overall mood to me is happy, which makes me happy. The artist was a master of towns capes around Venice.
This painting is of a guy most likely enjoying his weekend sailing. It was done with oil paints on canvas. I chose this because i really like the colors used in the waves. Nut the whole painting really appealed to me it almost makes me feel like i am at the beach in a way.
This was oil paint on panel. This artist specialized in seascapes and shipwrecks. In this painting, I am not to sure what is happening except there is a storm going on. The painter might have been on a boat when this was happening and got inspiration for this painting. The symbol in the artwork might be the opening in the cloud symbolizing a new hope because there in a storm and there will be a new day. I chose this painting because it is interesting to me.
This painting might be depicting a man trying to trade for fish. This is done with oil on canvas. Besides being a nautical there is also a sense of darkness but hope too. The sunlight being the hope because it visually looks like they are coming out of the darkness. I chose this painting because it looks attractive, The colors are dark yet sort of calming in a way to me. i also like the boats and the detail in them.
To me this is a couple guys out sailing, you might think of something else though. I enjoy looking at the painting here because the colours are light and fun. It is very pastel like in the way it was painted the colours are blended a little which looks good. I do not think there really any symbols though.
This painting is very soothing to look at. For me the color purple pops out at me, Although it may not be a symbol. This was done with oil on canvass.
I really like this painting. I am unsure but i think the monk represents something many more religious in meaning? There are not too may colors, it seems dull an mellow. It might be calming. this was done with oil on canvas. This is also this painter most famous piece.
Though this could be classified under something else i do like this painting. The clouds look somewhat real for a painting. The central most part is really neat to look at. The detail of the ships is really, i'm not sure how to put it but it must of taken a long time to do because it is so ornate.
Wow, this is a really neat painting to look at zoomed in. All the tinny lines are so delicate. I do not see any symbolism in the painting but it still looks pretty cool. This was done with ink, color, gold, and silver on paper.
This was done with oil on canvas. This is obviously a canal somewhere most likely in Italy. I think this artist like to go outside a paint what he saw. To me the color of the water really pops because it is a shade of blue that really appeals to the eye.
Although it is not the most detailed this is a really beautiful painting. The wather looks reallistic with its refection. This was done with oil on canvas. When the painter went out he saw this and had to paint this. It is a brilliant painting in which i really do enjoy.
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