Psychological and Symbolic Color Use In Painting

Presented by Learning Team 3: Melody Harris, Sarah Garner, Rachel Murphy, and Brian Lightsey

The artist used a luminous yellow to represent the optimism, hope, joy, betrayal, and dishonesty Ella Fitzgerald faced in her life.
Van Gogh's use of blue symbolizes tranquility and stability. The yellow stars symbolize hope and optimism. His use of white, some people believed, symbolized death. While others might interpret white as a sign of a new beginning.
In Eastern culture blue symbolizes life. The blue robe half off of her could mean 'end of life'.
Yellow provokes the feeling of happiness and laughter. The artist uses this attention-getting color to provoke the cheery feeling of being at the circus.
The color red evokes the feeling of desire, passion, love, power, strength, and determination. In this piece, Beethoven is depicted as a fiery red. Beethoven was a very passionate and powerful composer.
The artist used blue to generate sadness and pain. The yellow band aids are used to contrast and complement the blue tones.
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