The power of power

This exhibit features pieces of art that mutually, in one way or another, represent the term "power". Both of these books illustrated the ability of strength and power in both a similar and different way. The Epic of Gilgamesh demonstrates power in a more physical sense, such as: fighting in battles of war, abusing and raping women, and also being the king of Uruk shows an example of power. Persepolis demonstrates power more through the mental progress of the main character while Marjane continues to mature and grow up. Persepolis also demonstrates power through a physical way although just not as frequent and the Epic of Gilgamesh also shows the ability of power in a less physical nature similar to Persepolis. 

This ancient sword is a representation of Gilgamesh and the power he had during his time as king of Uruk. As king, Gilgamesh fought through a ceaseless amount of battles.
This ancient piece of art is suppose to represent Gilgamesh's quest of seeking for the secret of eternal life. Gilgamesh had a long journey before finally discovering himself and demonstrated a bunch of will power.
This portrait represents the power of Gilgamesh and Enkidu and how the use their own power to rape women. In tablet I this is quoted "bare your sex, let him take in your charms!Do not recoil but take in his scent" (George 190).
Gilgamesh is considered by many people from Uruk to be one part human and two parts god. He is a great warrior who is respected by his people. Being King of Uruk, Gilgamesh demonstrates his power everyday by being the ruler.
As a child, Marjane was interested in learning about the war and riots going on in her home country so she became interested in reading books. These books have given Marjane the power and ability to understand more about equality among society.
Marjane's parents demonstrated with hundreds of other people outside against the shah everyday until he was finally no longer the ruler. These riots demonstrated the power of togetherness and persistence
While she was young, Marjane developed her power of foregiveness through god. She wanted to become the last prophet on earth. Obviously no such thing happened but trusting in god gave her the power to stay strong and battle through the horrible times in her home country.
This picture is suppose to represent music which Marjane learns to take interest in punk rock music. This eventually gives her the power to become herself and more individualistic to rebel against her society. Punk rock gave her the power to finally become unrestrained from her culture and be more of herself.
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