Value: Element of Art Gallery

This gallery consist of pieces of art that show value in different ways.

In this painting high contrast value is easily seen. This painting uses many shades of black, white, and gray.
In this painting the value displayed is low contrast. This painting is rather dull in the sense that is uses very similar shades of gray and white.
This painting displays both high and low contrast by showing the many colors of the value scale.
This painting shows unbalanced value distribution because the painting is mostly the color white.
This painting is an example balanced value distribution because the value in the painting is very diverse.
This painting displays the element of chiaroscuro because one can easily see the source of light. It also shows how the objects that are not as close to the light become a part of the background.
This painting shows cast shadows for the way shadows are seen off of the women's bodies.
This painting actually shows both attached and cast shadows because they way you can see the shadows on the house and on the ground.
This painting shows atmospheric perspective because how the artist creates the illusion of space.
Credits: All media
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